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Our Board

Darnesha Evans

Executive Director and Co-Founder

Darnesha Evans is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Project Kennedy which was established by her daughter Kennedy after being diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma Cancer. When cancer struck Darnesha's household, they were lost, however, organizations and often strangers began to pour into them with tokens of love. Gift cards to surrounding restaurants by the hospital, monetary gifts for parking, and even blankets sewn in Kennedy's favorite colors all brought a sense of comfort that they were not alone.  Knowing the pain and frustrations of looking after a child, Darnesha is determined to support those who are dealing with cancer day by day but also those that have lost loved ones due to this disease. Spreading awareness, supplying families with everyday necessities, or even appearing at speaking engagements, Project Kennedy will stand against cancer for as long as it takes. 

Ashley Carrington

President/ Program Director

Ashley Carrington has always had a passion for bringing smiles to faces. Through Project Kennedy, she is able to lead and inspire innovative initiatives to raise money that will help families battle the horrible disease called cancer. Ashley herself, recalls the toll cancer took on her family when her grandmother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. With her grandmother being the matriarch of their family, it was challenging as the family dynamics started shifting due to her cancer diagnosis, which later ended in her passing. Ashley's commitment to helping families hold onto a piece of normalcy has inspired her with the many ideas she brings to Project Kennedy. 

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Audrey Smith.png

Audrey Smith

Non-profit Administrator

Audrey Smith has worked with families that have encountered troubled times for over twenty-five years. With her knowledge, compassion, and spirit of empathy, Audrey brings value to Project Kennedy which will help assist families impacted by cancer.  Audrey plays a crucial role in Project Kennedy by encouraging, networking, and helping spread awareness while bringing smiles to families.  Audrey is committed to supporting children as well as adults with a campaign to bring awareness throughout communities that will reflect the mission and vision of Project Kennedy.

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